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  • Stephanie Morris

    President and Founder

    Meet Stephanie Morris, the Founder, Owner and President of SoHo Sitters

    FamilyBorn and raised in Massachusetts, Stephanie flew south for college where she attended the University of Tampa.  At the University of Tampa, Stephanie was extremely involved on campus as a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, the P.E.A.C.E volunteer organization, and the Advertising and Communications Bachelor Degree program. During her off seasons, she cared for children of all ages.


    Her love and understanding for children and her care for pets began at a young age. Stephanie is the oldest of several cousins which she grew up with and often cared for. During her high school years, she often babysat for families and continued to nanny and babysit children during her college off time.


    As for pets, Stephanie grew up on a farm where she helped care for over 30 horses, several dogs (from Basset Hounds, Labs, and even a Great Dane) and several barn cats. Her love and nurturing nature for children and animals began at a young age and has continued to follow her throughout her adulthood.


    Post college graduation, Stephanie worked at a marketing firm and then joined forces with Triad Retail Media as an Account Manager for Walmart.com. Here, Stephanie managed digital advertising on Walmart.com and was the main liaison between top brands and agencies in the nation and all internal teams. Although Triad was an unbelievable opportunity, Stephanie truly missed her passion for working with children and animals. That is why she chose to start SoHo Sitters. She took the leap and left her full time job to follow her dream in opening her own business where she matches families with top quality nannies, babysitters, pet sitters, and tutors throughout Tampa Bay.


    Stephanie personally cares for all children and animals as if they were her own. She is familiar with larger online sitting databases, but strives for something more trusting and local for families and sitters in her community. Tutoring


    At SoHo Sitters, she sets pre-qualifications, personally interviews, check references, verifies backgrounds, and ensures all candidates are CPR certified.


    At SoHo Sitters, Stephanie ensures your children and pets are in the best possible hands. 


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