• Soho Sitters Babysitting Reviews and Testimonials

  • "My friend found SoHo Sitters through FaceBook and although we currently had an existing nanny share, we did want to have date night sitter options. In the middle of August, our nanny found another job and gave us just 2 weeks to find a replacement. Stephanie found us 4 candidates that were all great; CPR certified, TONS of experience, passionate about being nannies and not just babysitters, and an overall general love of working with kids. We are so lucky to have had SoHo Sitters as find our new nanny. She is so involved with the kids and after only two months of working with them, I can tell that they love her and are excited to play with her all day. Leaving your child at home with someone is no easy feat for a mom, but I know that I'll only use and refer SoHo Sitters to all the new mommies I know out there."

    Rating: Audrey W.

  • "SoHo Sitters has by far the best service around. Stephanie understands what parents need in a good babysitter and she listens to our concerns. I am so thrilled that with the level of service that Stephanie provides, I am able to communicate what my child care needs are and quickly have a babysitter scheduled. I have used other online resources for finding sitters in the past, and have found that it usually takes at least a few weeks to find 1 or 2 good sitters. What a difference coming to SoHo Sitters and being able to schedule a babysitter who has already been interviewed, referenced, and background verified! "

    Rating: Allison DeHenes

  • "Stephanie was our savior! She nannied for us during a very chaotic summer for our two children ages 5 and 7. The kids loved her as well as my husband and I. We were going through a major renovation and Stephanie was so awesome with all the chaos and confusion, as well as a lack of kitchen. We miss her so much and would recommend her and her company to anyone! I'm so excited that she is pursuing a dream of helping other parents with babysitting and nannying. It's a comfort knowing your kids are well taken care of."

    Rating: Dr. Alison Gustafson

  • "Stephanie started working for our family over 3 years ago. At the time, my daughter was 1 and my son was 3. I had interviewed many babysitters before I hired Stephanie. As a relatively new mom I was very cautious about who I wanted to stay with my kids. Stephanie is our girl. Our children absolutely adore Stephanie. She is constantly playing and engaging the children. She also provides a level of discipline that the children respond to. Stephanie goes above and beyond in caring for our children. She is responsible, a great communicator and has such a passion for children. We are very lucky to have found her."

    Rating: Frank & Laurie Powell

  • "It so hard to have a list of good sitters! But since we have no family here, we have to rely on sitters. We found Stephanie through another mommy when our daughter was 1, now 3.5. Our daughter loved her right away and my husband and I were very impressed with Stephanie. She always spent the whole time interacting with our daughter (my husband works from home and often hears the interactions), cleaned up, and very professional. Now that she has started this company, I am excited to know that she has already found reliable and qualified sitters like her so I don't have to wonder about finding a sitter. Stephanie goes above and beyond other companies when it comes to background checking and qualifications for her sitters. I feel very confident recommending her company!"

    Rating: Jessica Duke

  • "We had the most amazing experience using Soho Sitters to find our full time nanny for when I returned to work. My husband and I are both not from Florida and have no family nearby. A girlfriend of mine has used Soho Sitters for babysitting occasionally and mentioned that they can act as a nanny finding agency as well."


  • " We were very pleased with the ease and convenience of the service as well as the sitter. Looking forward to using SoHo Sitters again, soon!"

    Stephanie Broadaway

  • "Best decision I ever made joining SoHo Sitters. I never have to worry about finding a sitter. Each sitter we have used has been amazing!! What a relief knowing I can always have help when needed. Thank you SoHo Sitters!


  • Hi Stephanie, I can't believe it's already been a year with soho sitters!? It's been such an amazing service and I'm so thankful I found you all (on a desperate google search after failed attempts with care.com). It's been life changing to have flexibility in our personal lives again. If an event comes up, my husband and I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter. In fact, we have a few sitters we know our children love and look forward to seeing! That's life changing. I can't thank you enough! I tell all my friends about this service in hopes it will also change their lives for the better. :) Keep up the great work and thank you again!

    Meagan D.