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    You have selected the $39.99 unlimited sporadic accommodations membership level.

    This child care option is wonderful for all types of needs, including date nights, last minute binds, child sick days, occasional after school care or sporadic morning care, overnight care, you name it! We accommodate all your needs, so you never have to worry about sifting through your phone book or worry about sitter cancellations, again!

    Once signed up, you will have access to the fully screened sitters’ bios and the sitter request form. Anytime you need a sitter, you simply just fill out the form and we will accommodate all your needs. If a sitter gets sick or has an emergency, we also have back up!  Although we try our very best to provide you with the same sitter each request, it is not guaranteed with this membership. You can utilize our sitters anytime, whether it be one time or 30 times, as long as you are okay with a variety of screened and reliable sitters and not the same person every time. If you are needing  consistent care- please visit our nanny options & contact us. This membership is NOT for consistent care.

    *No Contract. Can cancel anytime with 32 day written notice! – 2 Month minimum*- For temporary one time- one month need- please see our Temporary Membership of $50.

    *Sitters are paid separately for their child care services by you in either cash or check-Base rate is $13/hr for up to 2 children and $1 additional per hour for each additional child. Holidays and last minute needs (under 36 hour notice) rates do vary. We have a 3 hour minimum for each request or the sitter is to be paid for 3 hours.

    All sitters have already passed our background checks, clean driving checks, reference checks, personal interviews and are CPR certified. All sitters are 18 years of age or older, non-smokers, have 2+ years of child care experience, mostly education majors, nursing majors, psychology majors, teachers, nurses or within those types of fields and all are go-getters! All sitters also follow our  handbook, including educational development, strong engagement, safety precautions, timelines, tidiness and so much more!

    With SoHo Sitters, you have all the work taken off your hands AND have the best possible care, always!



    The price for membership is $39.99 per Month.

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    These are the terms agreed upon at your initial start up. Please review and let us know should you have any questions!