• Our Child Care Process

  • Child Care Process Step 1: We Learn About You

    You may be asking yourself, how does this child care process work?

    Our child care process varies depending on each families' different and unique child care wants and needs. 

    We want to understand if you are seeking a sporadic sitter, part time nanny (consistent care), or a full time nanny. 

    The more information you provide, the better we are at meeting all of your child care needs to the absolute fullest. 

    If you are not sure where to begin, complete the inquiry sheet here and we will personally walk you through everything to meet all of your specific needs! 

  • Step 2: We Find The Right Nannies & Sitters

    At SoHo Sitters, we take pride in finding the utmost quality and trusting child care for your children. We are just as picky when it comes to finding great sitters as any parent would be.

    Many babysitters and nannies are recruited from local college campuses, word of mouth, social media, and local advertising. Since we've been in business for two years, we receive an array of applications to choose from on a daily basis. 

    We listen, we take action, and we provide you with the best child care in Tampa Bay. 

    We have over 70 sporadic sitters on board who are fully qualified, experienced, and pass a vigorous interview and screening process.

    Regarding part time nannies (under 30 hours/ week) or full time nannies-30+ hours/week, we help take ALL the work off your hands in finding and presenting you with the perfect candidates. Finding you consistent care can take up to three weeks, as we do want to find you the best of the best for your child(s). Although we do try our very best to expedite the process. Please visit this page if you are seeking a part time nanny or full time nanny

    We also can accommodate those traveling to Tampa and need a night or or just are in a temporary need of help! 


  • Step 3: We Schedule Interviews

    Our interview process with sporadic sitters, tutors, and nannies is very detailed and elaborate to ensure that we are promoting nothing short of the best candidates to our valued clients. 

    We ask detailed questions about a candidate's past experiences, what they would do in emergency situations, how they would discipline, when they would feel the need to contact a parent, and so much more.

    Our child care interview process helps us understand and determine who is passionate, educated, and experienced enough to be a SoHo Sitter. Although we interview several potential candidates on a weekly basis, we only bring on about 30% of applicants who we feel go above and beyond in caring for children. 

  • We Set Pre-Qualifications & Screen all Candidates

    SoHo Sitters not only finds and interviews potential candidates, but we also go one step further in setting pre-qualifications and screening all candidates. This is to ensure that we are bringing you the most reliable, safest, trusting child care and babysitters, in Tampa, directly to you.

    Pre-qualifications include 2+ years of child care experience, infant and CPR certifications, clean background checks, clean driving records, non-smoker, outstanding references, 18 years of age or older, vehicle for their own transportation and more. Education, Medical Field Majors and Psychology Degrees or experience are a huge plus, too. 

    Our screenings include a thorough background verification, reference checks, proof of CPR certification and so much more, providing you with the safest, experienced and qualified care takers there are! 

  • We Provide On-Going Support

    We are a service that is always here to help you in any way we can. Whether you are requesting a sitter, have a question, or need to provide us with feedback, we are always a phone call or short drive away.

    We are local based and have a face to our company, meaning we are always here to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

    We are constantly in communication with our current families and therefore know when sitters are exceeding expectations. Our reviews about our sitters come directly from parents just like you!