including date nights, last minute requests, you name it! 

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    With the membership options below, you receive all the following benefits. Please review and sign up below to get started! 

    1. Access to all of the sporadic SoHo Sitters who have already been CPR certified, background verified, reference checked, personally interviewed, are 18 years of age or older, mostly education, nursing or psychology majors, have safe vehicles, are non- smokers, clean cut, follow a vigorous handbook, and meet several requirements to qualify as an amazing sitter in Tampa Bay.
    2. All sporadic babysitters go above and beyond, with tidiness, timeliness, strong engagement, educational development, positive reinforcement, activeness, safety cautions, and so much more.
    3. Access to all of the sitters' bios, where you can learn about them and see a photo of each of our sitters. We currently have 70+ sitters on board and are continuously growing.
    4. We manage and accommodate all types of requests, including last minute accommodations, date nights, events, homework help, after school care, newborn care, you name it!
    5. If a confirmed sitter has an emergency, such as sickness, we help manage back up care so that you never have to worry about canceling your plans, again!

    * All sporadic sitters are paid separately for their superb child care services by you and your family - Rates begin at $13/hr for up to 2 children and $1 additional for each additional child. Last minute and holiday needs pricing does vary. Minimum of 3 hours of services per request, no max of hours per day)

    1. Sporadic Sitters Anytime- Just $39.99/month 
    This child care option is wonderful for all types of needs, including date nights, last minute binds, child sick days, occasional after school care or sporadic morning care, overnight care, you name it! We accommodate all your needs, so you never have to worry about sifting through your phone book or worry about sitter cancellations, again! 
    Once signed up, you will have access to the fully screened sitters' bios and the sitter request form. Although we try our very best, the same sitter, per each sitter request, is not guaranteed with this membership.  You can utilize our sitters anytime, whether it be one time or 30 times, as long as you are okay with a variety of screened and reliable sitters and not the same person every time. 
    *You may cancel anytime, but we do need at least 30 day notice.
    *Payment will be deducted automatically each month unless the 30 day notice has been given.
    2. $39.99 one month ONLY- Great for families traveling to Tampa Bay or who just want to try our services for one month. 
    Once signed up, you will have access to the sitter request form and we will accommodate your need(s)  Although, we try our very best, the same sitter, per each sitter request, is not guaranteed with this membership.  You can utilize our sitters anytime for one month. 
    To sign up, please visit www.sohositters.com/memberships

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