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  • Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.22.37 PMVirginia is a senior in college, attending USF. She has many nieces and nephews that have aided her to appreciate her gift in caring for children. She is a  second parent in a residential home for foster children of all ages (newborn-17). Some of the children that she tends to have special needs and she is trained to care for them, even in administering medication and coping techniques. Her duties include transportation, tutoring, housekeeping, miscellaneous needs and meal prep for the past 2 years and a half. Virginia is also a Sunday school teacher to the toddler group at her church and has been for the past 4 years. As you can see from her experience and work ethics, Virginia absolutely loves caring for children and takes pride in what she does. She hopes to add a great value to your children and home, too.


    Newborn/Infant Experience

    Virginia has had many experiences with newborns. She has many nieces and nephews that she has help tend for since birth. She currently works at the Children’s Home with foster teens who have recently given birth and are working towards independence with their children once they age out of the system. Virginia also has actively cared for many families with infants, through SoHo Sitters. Last but not least, she has helped in the infant ministry at her church for over 3 years. Not only does Virginia have extensive newborn and infancy experience, but she goes above in beyond in ensuring comfort, safety and routine.

    Family Reviews:

    “Virginia was fantastic! We are more than happy to have her back in the future. The girls loved her!”- Stephanie R

    “Virginia rocks! She is so caring, material and attentive. She cleans up and is so cued into what’s important when it comes to being a caregiver. We love her!!!” – Kristin & Colin

    “Virginia was fantastic- the kids liked her a lot and my husband was impressed. She completely went above what was required and what we asked for. She also helped clean the house!”– Adetola

    “We’re very impressed by Virginia! She arrives early, goes above and beyond in tidying, engages and plays with children and is very courteous. I would definitely recommend her and give her 5 stars!”– Annie