Jessie L

    Jessie L. currently attends the University of Tampa, where she is studying elementary education, in hopes to become a teacher, someday. Jessie has strong experience working with children, ages 9 months and up. Ever since she was a little girl, she always dreamed of working with children. Jessie has a wide range of child care experience. In addition to extensive babysitting experience, she has also worked as a full time nanny, for a family of 4 children.  Responsibilities included school pick-ups and drop-offs, planning and executing a daily schedule, planning educational activities, exercise, game time, and other inspiring activities. Lastly, Jessie has also held internships, in  a few different classrooms and was even a lead summer teacher, at a camp, for over 20 children. Within the classrooms, she has also had hands on experience working with autistic children. Jessie is a very loving, committed and passionate caretaker. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Jessie L.  has strong experience working with children, ages 9 months and up. Specifically, she worked with one 9 month old and helped with all developmental stages through age 2. In this role, responsibilities included changing diapers, bottle feeding, bathing, naptime,  snacktime/meals and providing lots of nurture and comfort. 

    Personal Interests: 

    Jessie L. enjoys taking spin and circuit classes at Camp Tampa. On school campus, she  also holds a leadership position, as the Student Coordinator of Intramural Sports and  is an active member of Sigma Kappa sorority.

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