Katherine K
    Katherine K. is a proud alumni of Florida State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in family and child science. She relocated to the Tampa Bay area to pursue an accelerated nursing program at the University of South Florida, with an emphasis in pediatric nursing. Katherine has years of child care experience, from ages 3 months and up. She began caring for her younger cousins and local neighbors, at a young age. In college, she also worked in an infant room at a day care. She is familiar with a wide variety of ages, in one setting and is happy to help in any way she can!

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Katherine K. has experience strong working with children, ages 3 months and older. She is very knowledgeable with working with infant age groups, as well as multiple infants in one setting. As mentioned, she worked in an infancy room at a daycare, where she was responsible for bottle feedings, sleep schedules, sensory activities, belly time and ensure safety and comfortability. She also has experience working with these ages, in a hospital setting and babysitting setting, as well.

    Personal Interests:

    Katherine K.  enjoys working out, spending time with her Golden Retriever and going to the beach and being outdoors. She is also very passionate about nursing and helping others!

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