Madison R

    Madison R. currently attends the University of Tampa, where she is studying public health. Madison is very loving, caring, and dedicated when it comes to caring for children. She is highly respectful and understanding to everyone, and enjoys making people smile. Madison has strong experience working with children, ages 2 months and older. For almost three years, Madison was a volunteer at a children’s dance studio, working with preschool age children. She attended classes every week and assisted with the teacher. For over three years, she also donated her time volunteering at the Boys and Girls club, in Pennsylvania. There, she worked with children and teenagers from the age of five to thirteen. She took part in playing games (kickball, ping pong, wii, puzzles, basketball, etc.), helped the students with their homework, and gave the less fortunate a safe space to play and feel safe. In addition, she has many years of experience babysitting for several families. She has worked with children between the ages of four months and ten years old. She has experience with infants, and driving around children for school and sporting events and much, much more. She was also a mother’s helper, during her high school years and her sister just had a baby, so she enjoys helping being a loving and comforting aunt.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Madison R. has been surrounded by infants and toddlers for many years, both family related and not. She also babysat two children, ages 2 months and 2, together.  While taking care of this infant, alongside  the toddler, she did routine diaper changes (including diligent cleaning), bottle feedings (consisting of heating up, feeding and burping), and was able to successfully put the baby down for a nap. Most recently, Madison proudly became an aunt and has spent the past six months by her sister’s side taking care of her baby nephew. This has given her the the best experience working with infants, because she fully learned all the duties  of taking care of a baby.  She  was able to become educated on the development of a baby from birth until six months, including the different milestones, needs and providing strong love and care.

    Personal Interests:

    Madison R. enjoys being adventurous and trying new things. She loves to paint, go outside, play games aShe also takes pride in cooking to eat healthy, and exercising. She teaches herself new things whenever she is given the opportunity, because she never wants to stop learning.



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