Milan R

    Milan R. is currently a nursing student and is attending the University of Tampa. She hopes to be a labor and delivery nurse or work in a pediatric unit, someday.  Her father is in the military, so she and her family moved a lot and relocated to Florida in 2018. Milan does not ever see herself leaving, either. Milan has many years of experience caring for children, ages 3 months and up. She not only has experience as a sporadic sitter but also nannied for a family with three children for over 2 years. She would assist with homework help, school pick ups and driving to and from extracurricular activities. Milan was also a dance instructor for little ones and has assisted with overnight care, too. Lastly, Milan has done her clinical rotations on pediatric and incentive care units, which has allowed her to develop hands on experience, regarding child safety and well being, as well as properly managing medical emergencies. Milan is very passionate in caring for children and has a strong love for each and every child. She is very dependable and knowledgable and will be sure to keep your child safe.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Milan has much experience working with infants as young as 3 months of age. She has worked as a sitter for infants, as well as in hospital settings. She has done clinical rotations in the NICU unit and is knowledgable about the specific medical care of children under the age of one. She is also knowledgable with schedule routines, feeding routines and providing strong comfort, love and care.

    Personal Interests:

    Other than being a nursing student, Milan spends her free time leading the University of Tampa’s dance team, serving at Radiant Church, and powerlifting. Family and friends are an important aspect of Milan’s life so she values quality time spent with those she loves.

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