Paloma T

    Ever since Paloma T. was a child, she has always strived to help others, especially children. Paloma currently attends the University of South Florida and has strong goals to become a pediatric oncologist or obgyn, someday.  Paloma has many years of child care experience, working with children ages 12 months and up. She has worked with many children, in home settings, as well as daycare settings. At the day care,  she volunteered and closely observed, monitored, and supervised children,  while also maintaining a safe and structured play space.  While babysitting in homes, Paloma has helped in following routines, homework help, nutritional needs, driving children and so much more. She also used to teach art classes to children, at a local craft store. During Paloma’s high school years, she also joined a health science academy. There, she actively volunteered her time at the local hospital and continued to broaden her knowledge and experience within the medical field.  Paloma is very goal oriented  and enthusiastic in teaching children, while always having fun and keeping everyone safe. Paloma hopes to be a positive role model to all children she has the pleasure in working with. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Paloma T. has strong experience working with children ages 12 months and up.  During her years in volunteering at the daycare, she helped with safety needs, learning activities, play time, feedings and more.  Paloma also ensured that the play equipment, facilities, games, and toys were thoroughly sanitized, cleaned. Paloma is very nurturing and attentive, especially with little ones. 

    Personal Interests: 

    While Paloma has a passion for becoming a pediatric doctor, she also has a passion for writing, music, art and film. Whether she’s writing a new poetry book (which she has released online!), performing her songs and playing guitar, or taking nature hikes, she finds the beauty in it all! 



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