Sofia C

    Sofia C. currently attends the University of South Florida, where she is pursuing her nursing degree. Sofia was born in Italy and moved to the U.S. when she was 5 years old. She grew up in Michigan and relocated to the Tampa Bay area for college. Currently she is completing her mental health rotation of clinical and is assigned to the Lakeland Regional Mental Health Unit.  She has a strong interest in working in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), after she graduates.  Sofia has strong experience working with children, ages 6 months and up. She has worked as a part time nanny, sporadic babysitter and has experience working with children in the hospital, as well.. In addition,  Sofia is the eldest sibling and while growing up, she was tasked with taking care of her younger brother. Sofia is extremely honest, caring, dependable and outgoing. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Sofia has experience with ages 6 months and older. Her first experience with infants was assisting with her younger brother.   She then grew to babysitting for family friends and families within her local neighborhood. Lastly, she has also been a part time nanny for infants, as well. Sofia is very experienced in following routines and ensure safety and comfort for a child, especially and infant. 

    Personal Interests: 

    Sofia’s hobbies include staying physically active by going to the gym or doing yoga. She also spends a lot of time studying. Additionally, Sofia enjoys spending time in nature, spending time with friends and family, and caring for her pets. 


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