• About Us

  • SoHo Sitters is ultimately the best child care & pet care agency in Tampa Bay and was founded by Stephanie Morris in 2014. 

    We serve Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and neighboring locations. 

    At SoHo Sitters, we strive to provide you with the utmost quality care for your children and fur babies. We are local based out of Tampa, Florida and are here to listen, accommodate, and exceed all of your needs and expectations when it comes to your child(s) and pet care. 

    We offer an array of services to meet your every need!

    1. We have over 90 sporadic babysitters in Tampa Bay who have already been fully screened and are top quality care takers. With an affordable monthly membership or our traveling package options, we happily accommodate your sporadic child care needs, including last minute binds, date nights, you name it! We are the only private company in Tampa that helps with these types of needs and have the lowest sitter rates around! We also have back up care should a scheduled sitter ever have an emergency or unexpected sickness. Never worry about sifting through your phone book or worry about cancelling your plans again! 

    2. Need a full time or part time nanny? At SoHo Sitters, we understand finding a perfect nanny can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially for busy parents! That is why we take all the work off your hands and into ours, when it comes to helping you find that perfect nanny! After lots of competitive analysis, we can proudly say we have the best local pricing models and guarantee policies in the Tampa Bay area! 

    3. Pet Sitters- We can accommodate all of your pet sitting needs to the very fullest, including overnight stays, holidays, you name it!

    4. We also can help find you tutors, newborn care specialists, and whatever we don't have listed and you need, please contact so we can help!  

    SoHo Sitters is local based, safe, convenient, reliable, affordable, trusting, and is the best child care & pet care Tampa Bay has to offer!


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  • Our Core Values

    Our core values are to provide convenient, safe, reliable, and trusting child and pet care within our local community. We strive to go above and beyond by finding the most passionate, experienced sitters, screening all candidates, and continuously communicating with our families to ensure that we are exceeding all of their wants and needs.