Seeking a Sitter?

’22 Local Neighborhood Favorite & ’23 Best of South Tampa 

Mom owned & Local Military Family run Business. Military Discounts offered. We work to accommodate all of your here and their needs, such as, date nights and occasional few hour needs. Not intended for consistent care or several full day needs. All of our sitters are fully screened beyond measurable standards. Once signed up, you will receive access to our user friendly app, to view sitter bios, submit sitter requests, in which we work to accommodate, and so much more.  All sitters are already background checked, fully interviewed, have 2+ years of child care experience, 18+,  infant & CPR certified, epipen trained & so much more. Our QUALITY based service and exceptional care is intended to ease the minds of parents, just like you.

Needing a Nanny?

’21, ‘22 & ‘23 Best of the Bay Nanny Service
Due to maternity leave, we are no longer conducting searches for consistent care/nanny needs, until Jan 2024. Thank you for your patience & understandings. 

We understand the process can get overwhelming when looking for trusting care, for your precious joy (s), which is why we are happy to help take that stress off your shoulders. We first work to understand your needs and help guide you with our personal expertise. Then we outreach & advertise, sift through applications, conduct interviews, check references, check background & driving records and only present you with the best quality of candidates. Once a match is selected, we are then there every step of the way, should you ever need us! 

Perhaps a Pet Sitter?

Our team also specializes in occasional Pet Sitting Needs, such as vacation needs, occasional overnight stays and sporadic visits. We work to accommodate your needs to the fullest and accommodate you with our fully screened, reliable and experienced pet sitters. 18+, Pet CPR trained, fully background checked, reference checked and more. You fur babies are sure to be spoiled & loved beyond belief! 

Sporadic Sitter or
Consistent Nanny?

Sporadic Babysitter:  Sporadic needs, such as occasional date nights and any non-consistent needs.  We have three different plans for sporadic babysitting: monthly, temporary for one time to up to one month & save big one year. Once signed up, you will have full access to our app, to view sitter bios, request sitters & more. All SoHo Sitters are already fully screened & highly experienced & our team works to accommodate your requests.

Consistent Care/Nanny: This is for any reoccurring weekly care, needed.  Whether you need someone consistently for 2 hours per week or full time 40+  hours per week, this is the perfect option for you. We work to help find you top quality candidates by understanding your needs, outreaching, interviewing, screening and more. 

Reviews from Parents, just like you!

  • It is so hard to have a list of good sitters! But since we have no family here, we have to rely on sitters. We found Stephanie through another mommy when our daughter was 1, now 3.5. Our daughter loved her right away and my husband and I were very impressed with Stephanie. She always spent the whole time interacting with our daughter (my husband works from home and often hears the interactions), cleaned up, and very professional. Now that she has started this company, I am excited to know that she has already found reliable and qualified sitters like her so I don't have to wonder about finding a sitter. Stephanie goes above and beyond other companies when it comes to background checking and qualifications for her sitters. I feel very confident recommending her company!

    Jessica D
  • SoHo Sitters has by far the best service around. Stephanie understands what parents need in a good babysitter and she listens to our concerns. I am so thrilled that with the level of service that Stephanie provides, I am able to communicate what my child care needs are and quickly have a babysitter scheduled. I have used other online resources for finding sitters in the past, and have found that it usually takes at least a few weeks to find 1 or 2 good sitters. What a difference coming to SoHo Sitters and being able to schedule a babysitter who has already been interviewed, referenced, and background verified!

    Allison D
  • I can't believe it's already been a year with SoHo Sitters!? It's been such an amazing service and I'm so thankful I found you all (on a desperate google search after failed attempts with It's been life changing to have flexibility in our personal lives again. If an event comes up, my husband and I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter. In fact, we have a few sitters we know our children love and look forward to seeing! That's life changing. I can't thank you enough! I tell all my friends about this service in hopes it will also change their lives for the better. 🙂

    Meagan D
  • Hello! We used SoHo Sitters for the first time last weekend, and it was a fantastic experience! Our sitter was engaged with the kids, and they took to her right away. This was a change from the skeptical and stand-off-ish welcome the boys typically give sitters! They loved playing with her and showing her their toys. She followed our basic instructions and even brought arts and crafts for them. It was so sweet to come home to homemade Valentine’s Day Cards! Our sitter also wrote a nice recap letter and cleaned up the mess I can assume they made while we were gone. I will certainly request again and cannot wait to meet more sitters in the future! My husband and I travel for work, sometimes on late notice, and need sitters frequently for different reasons at all times if the day. We are excited to join the SoHo Sitter family and make our lives easier with simple and reliable childcare. Thank you SoHo Sitters!!

    Jessica B
  • We used SoHo Sitters for the first time tonight. The owner was prompt and polite when accommodating our last minute request for a sitter, and our sitter was amazing with my son! We will definitely continue to use SoHo Sitters and we recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced sitter!

    Julie C
  • SoHo Sitters is such a game changer for us. No more hunting through dozens of potential sitters only to end up with none available or a last-minute cancellation. We love the convenience of SoHo Sitters, but we especially love the quality of the sitters. I’ve never had a bad experience, even with girls I’ve never met before who show up at the last minute to help us out in a bind. They’re all well-trained, experienced, wonderful sitters. All of them are also really great about cleaning up after the kids go to bed. SoHo Sitters also helped us find a long term nanny, vetting and checking references for multiple candidates before sending us the best options to interview ourselves. We found a wonderful nanny that our whole family loves. Can’t say enough great things about this service!

    Amy B
  • What a lifesaver! We left all our resources and family and moved to Tampa with young children. SoHo sitters helped us survive with excellent well-trained babysitters. EVERY sitter we got was top notch and the kids loved them! Guilt and Fear-free date nights, Saturday outings, an overnight trip back home for work…. all possible because of these folks. I can’t say enough how fantastic and appreciated they are to our family. Wish I could give them 10 stars.

    Joce P
  • We love SoHo Sitters! All of the sitters who have cared for our children are absolutely wonderful! They are engaging with our very active little boys and come up with creative crafts for our kids! We love being able to book a sitter at the last minute due to our very unpredictable work schedules. Thank you, SoHo Sitters!

    Laura B
  • An absolute must! SoHo Sitters has helped us with date nights, a seasonal standing weekday afternoon sitter, and last minute when one of our kids gets sick and can’t go to school. Each sitter we’ve had has gotten rave reviews from our kids, too.

    Abby S
  • Love this group!! My kids have never complained about any of the sitters, always professional and on time. We'll use them every time we go out!

    Stephanie R



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