SoHo Sitters is a proud local part of the Tampa Bay community. Voted Best of the Bay and celebrating almost 10 years in business, we strive to always go above and beyond in helping our local community. We truly care for children and family, practice strong values and morals and enjoy volunteering our time.

1. We feature a positive value or theme, each month, to help instill great values and teachings for our future generation. Each month, our sitters’ activities and teachings are based around these positive values and creative themes.  We also ask our SoHo Sitter families to get involved in our monthly themes, too!

2. At SoHo Sitters, we  strive for all of our sitters to go above and beyond in all their duties. All sitters must provide strong engagement and attentiveness, exceptional safety measures, positive reinforcement and redirection, timeliness, tidiness, professionalism and politeness and more. Each month, we recognize one sitter we feel has gone above and beyond in all their duties, from caring for children, following and exceeding all expectations, being requested back by families and more.  This is an attempt for us to  recognize and celebrate our team’s hard work.

3. SoHo Sitter’s also dedicates their time in volunteering within the local community and giving back to certain organizations, such as school events, child cancer events and more.

Our monthly involvement, strong values, quality care and one-stop shop service, truly makes us an exceptional, one of a kind organization. We hope you can join our SoHo family!

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