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Our team proudly accommodates sitter requests from 2 hours to a requested start time, during standard business hours, to up to 30 days in advance from a  requested date. Our business hours, for us to accommodate your sitter requests, are Monday- Friday 9am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm (closed Sundays). Anything submitted after business hours will be received and catered to the next business day. 

 Once signed up, please check your email for further instructions. 

Our Sitter Plans

Unlimited Sporadic Accommodations

Great for occasional needs, such as date nights, business outings, mom/dad nights out, each month.
See our One Year Save Big option, too! *not for consistent care or several full day needs* 

$39.99 per month (2 month minimum)

Temporary – Up to One Month Access

Great for those needing a sporadic sitter one time or a few evenings, for up to one month, whether it be for a special occasion, travel need, last minute bind, etc. * not for consistent care or several full day needs.

$50.00 now, one time. 

SAVE BIG Sign up for the year!

Save 10% with a one time payment (versus monthly payments). Great for those who want to save money!  This child care option is wonderful for all types of sporadic babysitting needs, including date nights,  sporadic after school or occasional morning care and occasional overnight care. This is not intended for consistent care or several full day needs. We work to accommodate all your needs with fully screened, experienced and trusting care takers. Please visit nanny options should you need consistent care and want the same sitter on a regular basis. This is similar to our sporadic $39.99 option but you pay one time to save money and your sporadic membership will be valid for up to one year. We can not guarantee the same sitter every time with this service but if you utilize the multidate option, within the webapp request form, we will certainly try our very best! 

$431.90 now.

Our Nanny Plans 


Please contact us to discuss our separate nanny match payment. This varies based on what your are seeking. For consistent nanny care, we currently service most of Tampa.  We work with both temporary finds (up to 1-3 months) and long term finds, for Monday-Thursdays 6am-10pm & Fridays 6am-8pm. We do not help with consistent weekend nanny finds.  We work to take all the work off your hands and into ours when outreaching and finding candidates, interviewing, screening and presenting you with only the best candidates to choose from.

Due to the extreme nanny shortage & limited pool of candidates, we are only conducting full time (40 hour per week) searches OR full time SUMMER finds (May-August). Please contact us, before signing up to discuss pricing & process and to ensure we can help with your needs.

Our process to search, screen & present candidates can take up to 4 weeks, so please contact us for further information, today. Please note: We do NOT have the bandwidth of sporadic sitters to help with consistent weekday needs, while working to find a nanny. 



Nanny (30+ hours per week)

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee.

Nanny (20-29 hours per week)

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee.

Nanny (Under 20 hours per week)

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee.

Summer Nanny Find/ Temporary Nanny
(1 month to up to 3 months- Any Week Day Needs)

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting One Time Starter Fee

Accommodation Fees Separate

$100.00 now.

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