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We only accommodate sitter request up to 30 days in advance from the requested date. Our hours are 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9am-12pm Saturdays. Anything submitted after business hours will be accommodated for the following business day. Thank you! 

 Once signed up, please check your emailed receipt. At the bottom, you will find instructions of how to request a sitter and more. 

Our Sitter Plans

Unlimited Sporadic Accommodations

$39.99 per month.

One Month Access Only Great for Traveling or Sitter Binds

$50.00 now.

SAVE BIG Sign up for entire year

This child care option is wonderful for all types of needs, including date nights,  child sick days, sporadic after school or  morning care, overnight care, you name it! We accommodate all your needs so you never have to worry about sifting through your phone book or worry about sitter cancellations again! Please visit nanny options should you need consistent care and want the same sitter on a regular basis. We can not guarantee the same sitter every time with this service.

$431.90 now.

We are NOT conducting any more consistent care/nanny finds until 11/1/22.
Our Nanny Plans

We are closed for Nanny finds and inquiries until 11/1/22. 

Please note: Summer Needs and School year needs are two completely different searches and require two separate processes and sign ups, should schedules change at all. Please contact us, to discuss plans, pricing and how we can help! 

Please contact us to discuss our separate nanny matching fees. This pricing is dependent on the number of hours you are seeking and a separate fee from the initial $200 upfront payment. For consistent care, we currently serve South Tampa and some nearby locations.  Please contact us to discuss out of area locations.  We also work with long term needs, only up to 3 month- 1 year between any hours  Monday-Friday 6am-9pm. Nannies are paid separately. Contact us for our hourly rate minimums for nannies.  We cannot guarantee vaccinated nannies and we do need a weekly consistent schedule to be able to help! Please allow up to 4 weeks when finding you candidates! 

Nanny (30+ hours per week- only accepting 40 hours at this time, though)- not conducting new searches until 11/1/22

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee

Nanny (20-29 hours per week)-not conducting new searches until 11/1/22

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee

Nanny (Under 20 hours per week)-not conducting new searches until 11/1/22

$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee

Summer Nanny Find/ Temporary Nanny (1 month to up to 3 months) (Any Week Day Needs) –not conducting new searches until 11/1/22


$200.00 now. Plus a separate Matching Fee

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting One Time Only Starter Fee

$100.00 now.

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