Pet Sitting Rates

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SoHo Pet Sitting Company Rates

As a company, we review multiple applications, personally interview, reference check, background verify, ensure all pet sitters are screened and qualified, and much more. We then match you with top quality pet care when requested. If a pet sitter cancels, we have backup so you will never have to worry about finding a reliable sitter or canceling plans again!

  • One Time Only Starter Fee- ONLY $100- This makes you a SoHo Sitter Pet Client for life!
  • $8 Accommodation fee for each day you need a pet sitter
  • $16 Accommodation fee for for each last minute and holidays
  • If a request is cancelled by a client and a sitter or sitters are already assigned, after a request is made, we do not refund the accommodation fee.

The Pet Sitter’s Rates:

All pet sitters are to be paid separately for their pet care services by the pet owners. Cash, check or venmo are accepted and tips generously appreciated, but not required.

Daily Visits:

  • The pricing below is for up to 2 pets. Any additional pets are an additional $5 per pet and visit
  • 15 Minute Visits- $20/visit – Includes feeding, water refill, treats, walk (if need be)/ play
  • 30 Minute Visits- $26/visit- Includes feeding, water refill, treats, walk (if need be)/ play, and lots of love
  • 1 Hour Visits-$32/visit- Includes feeding, water refill, treats, walk(if need be), play time, cuddles, and lots of love
  • NEW: Day Stays: We are the only company to offer hourly pet sitting needs. $14/hr (3 hour minimum, consecutively together) – Sitter will come to your home for a “day stay” and serve as a loving companion for your fur baby or babies. With this option, it’s agreed that the sitter will be able to do remote work & school work, while also accompanying your pet. This is a great option for all parties!  Holidays and Last Minute needs : $18/hr (3 hour minimum, consecutively together)  Includes feeding, water refill, treats, potty breaks, up to 2, 30 minute walks if need be, quality play time, cuddles and a minimum of 3 hours worth of love and attention.
  • Holidays and last minute needs are $20 more than the original price per visit. Last minute needs are any requests submitted the day before or the day of needs (requests are received during standard business hours of 9am-6pm and last minute rates are based on when requests are received during these hours)
  • If you are needing a “meet and greet” with you and your assigned sitter(s) (to go over the routine/ meet pets with you present): Each sitter needs to be paid for their time, in either cash, check or Venmo. Pricing above applies, as a “visit”. If you are needing multiple sitters to meet you, each sitter needs to be paid for their time.   15 Minutes- $20 for up to 2 pets $5 additional for each additional pet; 30 Minutes- $26 for up to 2 pets $5 additional for each additional pet; 1 Hour – $32 for up to 2 pets $5 additional for each additional pet. (We do not do meet and greets on holidays). We do not charge an accommodation fee with SoHo Sitters for a meet and greet. 

Over Nights Stays Flat Fee:

  • $95/night for up to 2 pets, from 6pm-8am OR 7pm-9am (whichever you prefer). This also includes one 1 hour visit during the day included, at no extra cost for the overnight days.  Any additional visits other than the one 1 hour visit included, would require additional standard visit pricing. For any needs, after 9am on the last day (where a sitter is not staying over), standard daily pricing applies. Standard Visit Pricing can be found on the Daily Visits Column. 
  • $5 more for each additional pet
  • Holidays and last minute needs are an additional $20 per day. Last minute needs are day before or day of needs. Anything submitted after 6pm, is received and allotted for the next day beginning at 9am.

Holidays Include:

  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Gasparilla Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fourth of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Weekend before Halloween or Halloween Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Wed – Sun)
  • Please contact us to see if we have sitters available on our regularly closed holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve beginning at 6pm, and Christmas Day and Night.
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