• Need a Full Time or Part Time Nanny

  • In need of a part time (any consistent care ) or full time nanny in Tampa Bay? We can certainly help!

    At SoHo Sitters, we understand that finding a full time or part time nanny that suits all of your needs and requirements, connects with your children, and is someone you feel that you can trust, can be time consuming, overwhelming and nerve racking. This is why we take the work off your hands and into ours.

    That is why, at SoHo Sitters, we help in finding and matching you with fully qualified, engaging, and loving  nanny candidates in Tampa Bay that perfectly fit your needs and wants. We take ALL of the work off your hands, such as the hassle of outreaching, advertising, sifting through applications, scheduling and conducting interviews, screening, checking references, finding qualified candidates, and so forth. We can then provide you with a seamless process to just meet the candidates we feel match everything you are seeking, given the information you provide us with upfront.  Sign up here to get started. 

    Please note that this process can take 2-3 weeks to complete, although we do try our very best to expedite. We just want to have time to find the best of best candidates to present to you!


    1. Start by signing up for a nanny today! For part time and full time nanny finds, we do have a one time start up fee of $200 to account for the outreaching and advertising to find amazing candidates for you. Once a candidate is selected, we have a one time matching fee. Please fill out the Family Application to discuss and help us determine matching fee, for what you are seeking. 

    2. Once signed up, we begin by personally interviewing you and your family to fully understand exactly what it is you are seeking and needing in a part time or full time nanny. We do this by sending you and your family a questionnaire with detailed questions, to complete. We will also send you our terms and conditions, to review, sign and return, before beginning our process. We gain a sense of understanding ranging from salary, expectations, hours, and much more. Though, we do have our own specifications all nanny candidates need to meet, it is important to know exactly what your needs and wants, in child care, are, too. 

    3. We review and sift through multiple applications, schedule and conduct vigorous interviews, check qualifications, references and background check all candidates. Once we have about 3-5 candidates we feel match exactly what you are seeking, we will then introduce you to the finalists. We

    4. Once a nanny is selected, SoHo Sitters collects a one time matching fee, for our services. With this matching fee you receive your perfect nanny with all the work taken off of your hands, ongoing support to help maintain the relationship and so much more! This is a one time upfront and matching fees only. No hidden fees, monthly contracts or additional payments. (one upfront payment and one matching fee, only) ( Your nanny is employed and paid separately by you and your family)

    6. If your nanny needs time off or is sick, we have fully screened and qualified back up sitters available, we can accommodate you with. This is included in your first year of services. Anything after one year requires a membership to access our sporadic sitters. * Back up sitters are still to be paid separately by you and and your family- Starting rate is $13/hr.  ( This is a $500 a year value, included!)

    7. You may also access part time sitters for occasional date nights and last minute needs any time, within the first year of sign up! We accommodate all your needs and should a sitter need to cancel, we too have backup! Anything after one year requires a membership to access our sporadic sitters. * Occasional sitters are still to be paid separately by you and and your family- Starting rate is $13/hr. 

    8.  Should your nanny not work out for any reason, we do have an amazing guarantee policy to help! We have a one time 90 day guarantee, from the day your nanny starts, that if it does not work out, we will match you with 3 additional candidates. The schedule does need to be the same as originally proposed to us, though. If you need assistance after 90 days, it would just be an additional $200, for the advertising costs, within the first year of sign up. If you need help finding a new nanny, after one year, we will offer you 10% off the $200+nanny match fee, for being such a valued client of ours. Should your nanny stay with you after one year, we do not require any additional costs.This is a one time matching/placement cost, only. No hidden fees! 

    Please note: Our duty is to take ALL the work off your hands and into ours in finding those perfect candidates for you. Therefore, this process can take up to 3 weeks. Although we do try our very best to expedite the process! We do not have nannies available right away. This is a process in which we outreach, sift through multiple applications, interview, screen and present to you, depending on your every want and need. We want to present you the best candidates, as we understand your children are your prides and joys. If you use our services for helping you find a nanny, we are required to do all the work and do not permit our families utilizing other agency’s, including national databases, along side of our work. Thank you! 

    We proudly have best local prices and guarantee policy around! Contact us to get started.


    See what one of our families has to say about their experience when they were in need of a nanny! 

    “My friend found SoHo Sitters through FaceBook and although we currently had an existing nanny share, we did want to have date night sitter options. In the middle of August, our nanny found another job and gave us just 2 weeks to find a replacement. Stephanie found us 4 candidates that were all great; CPR certified, TONS of experience, passionate about being nannies and not just babysitters, and an overall general love of working with kids. We are so lucky to have had SoHo Sitters as find our new nanny. She is so involved with the kids and after only two months of working with them, I can tell that they love her and are excited to play with her all day. Leaving your child at home with someone is no easy feat for a mom, but I know that I’ll only use and refer SoHo Sitters to all the new mommies I know out there”.- Audrey W.