At SoHo Sitters, it is our mission to help accommodate every family with a sitter that make them feel most comfortable and at ease. With that being said, our team has almost 50% of sitters who are fully vaccinated and a little over 50% of sitters who are not vaccinated, to help with all family preferences. Each sitter bio has highlights and the fully vaccinated sitters will have this listed, for easy visible access. You may definitely request a vaccinated sitter and we will work to the best of our ability to accommodate you with a vaccinated sitter. If there is not a vaccinated sitter available, we will provide you with full disclosure and give you the option of either cancelling your sitter request at no cost whatsoever or moving forward with another sitter, who would be open to wearing a mask or who even has the antibodies.

As a business, we legally are not forcing our sitters to get vaccinated. This is voluntary on their end to get vaccinated and inform us if they’d like to feature this information in their bios.

Please note: If you favorite a sitter and then ask for a covid vaccinated sitter and that favorite sitter does not meet some of the criteria,  it will still send to the favorite sitter, so please be sure to check before “favoriting sitters”. Otherwise the system will triumph “favorite” sitter over other special requests you have listed.

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