Our monthly or yearly membership gives you an array of  advantages and perks! 

  1. As a member, you have full access to our already fully screened, top qualified sitters. We have over 200 sitters to choose from, who have 2+ years of child care experience.  All the work to find quality care takers is lifted off your hands. All sitters are fully screened, including, background checked, personally interviewed, reference checked, infant and CPR certified, safe drivers, have safe vehicles, are 18 years of age or older, passed all our trainings and testings and so much more. All sitters also follow our rigorous handbook, including educational development, strong engagement, tidiness, timeliness and more.
  2. As a member, you never have to worry about sifting through your phone book or worry about sitter cancellations, again. You will have access to our user-friendly sitter request form, where our team will then work to accommodate your needs and get you in touch with a top qualified sitter, or a requested sitter of your desired choice, should they be available. If a sitter ever needs to cancel, due to sickness or an emergency, our team works to accommodate you with a qualified back up sitter, should you prefer.
  3. You also have access to our monthly highlights, where we feature a value of the month and a nominated sitter of the month. Each month we recognize a sitter who has gone above and beyond in all areas and our team feels has truly shined. The value of the month is to help teach and instill positive values onto our SoHo children and we encourage all families to get involved.  For example, January’s value of the month was determination and February’s value of the month was love. We focus on these values to teach and encourage children, always.
  4. Since we are a referral agency, we legally cannot take any cut from our sitters, nor would we want to. We would never want to take a cut, anyways, because we would then steer away the best quality care takers.  Therefore, the reasonably priced membership allows our team to fully and legally accommodate you and fund for back end needs, such as the sitters’ background checks and re-checking backgrounds, frequently and other needs. Again, taking all the work and continuous work off your hands!
  5. With the monthly membership you may cancel anytime, with a 32 day emailed notice, after your first two months. You are legally not in a long term binding commitment.
  6. With this monthly membership, you never have to worry about cancellation charges, should you need to cancel a sitter. We understand things come up and will never penalize you for that! This is a part of your monthly membership perk.
  7. With this monthly membership, you always have a team here to help you and who truly cares.
  8. We are a service you can trust, always!


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