How to cancel a sitter request: 

Please login to the web app at – go to “my bookings” section and click cancel shift. We do ask cancellations are kept to a bare minimum, for emergencies or sicknesses, only and made at the very latest up to one hour before the sitter’s arrival time. We do not have any cancellation fees, if a cancellation is made through the web app, more than 24 hour from the requested start time. Each family is allotted ten cancellations per year. If a cancellation through the web app is made 24 hour or less prior to a requested start time or a start time is postponed under 1 hour or less from the original requested start time, then $25 compensation is due to the sitter, for their inconvenience and potential travel time. $25 is owed to the sitter in electronic payment, such as Venmo, Zelle, Etc. 

Thank you! 

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