Founder of SoHo Sitters 

Stephanie, the Heart of SoHo Sitters

Stephanie brings over a decade of enriching experiences nurturing and caring for children to SoHo Sitters.  She’s not just a seasoned professional; she’s worn many hats throughout her career – part-time and full-time nanny, babysitter, CCD teacher, daycare volunteer, pet sitter and even account manager. But her most invaluable credential is undoubtedly being a mom herself.

This firsthand experience gives Stephanie a unique perspective. She understands your needs and concerns as a parent because she’s been in your shoes.  At the same time, her professional background allows her to see things from a childcare provider’s point of view.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa and has further enriched her knowledge with coursework in elementary education and child development psychology. This academic foundation, coupled with her real-world experience, gives her a deep understanding of how children learn and grow.  Her passion for childcare fuels her commitment to providing the absolute highest quality care for your precious ones at SoHo Sitters.

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