We certainly strive for consistency, although, without a consistent schedule we are unable to guarantee the same sitter every time. Each sitter’s schedule is always changing, due to school, other commitments, shifts they pick up through SoHo Sitters and so forth and everything is based around their availability. We would recommend requesting about 4-5 sitters, each time, to increase the chances of one of the 4-5 sitters being available.  If they are not available, though, we have over 100 other amazing, full qualified sitters to care from.

We also a lot for free 20 minute FaceTime meet and greets (or if they are available in person prior to the shift), to meet you and your family. If they are not available to meet in person, prior, we would recommend scheduling your shift 30 minutes in advance to meet the sitter, prior to your departure.

For consistent care and a consistent care taker, this would require an upgrade for a nanny find, in which we take all the work off your hands and find candidates and that perfect person to meet all of your needs.

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