All sitters are to be requested solely through the company, at all times, by using our online request form. This can be found under the web app:

The email you originally signed up with to use SoHo Sitters was sent an email with a link to access our web app.Please be sure to check ALL MAIL, JUNK MAIL FOLDER & PROMOTION FOLDER for this email.  The email would have come from:  . If you did not receive this, please email us at    You will need this email to sign in and to be able to request sitters and more. 

Once you receive this email, click on the link, within the body of your email, and create a unique passcode. If you ever forget your passcode, press “forgot passcode” and a new link will email you.

The new web app link is 

Once signed up: You will be able to favorite sitters (in ranked order or non ranked), X sitters you wish not to use (not visible to sitters but visible to admin side, only), store information in your request form and so much more. Once requests are confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation and an option to add a shift to your linked calendar. In addition, your profile will also have an option to view your upcoming shifts and assigned sitters. Eventually you will be able to update your card information, too, but for now, our team will be manually updating these, if need be.

Please note: If you favorite a sitter and then ask for a covid vaccinated sitter, certain age experience, completely clean driver, only, or what not and that favorite sitter does not meet some of the criteria,  it will still send to the favorite sitter, so please be sure to check before “favoriting sitters”. Otherwise the system will triumph “favorite” sitter over other special requests you have listed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We do not have the functionality to add more than one email to an account, so please be sure to work together with your immediate family, to use one email address for bookings. 

Our business hours are still M-F 9am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm, for requests, as our team still needs to ensure everything functions properly, at this time. If a request is submitted after business hours, our sitters will receive the request the following business day, during standard business hours.


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