Cindy A

    Cindy A. is currently attending the University of South florida, where she hopes to gain a degree in business analytics.  Cindy has many years of experience working with children, ages 12 months and up. She has worked in a daycare setting, working with multiple infants simultaneously, as well as in home settings, too. At the daycare, she was responsible for taking care of many infants, which consisted of feedings, nap times, outdoor play, sensory play and overall educating and nurturing each child. Cindy also has years of experience, working as a babysitter, for local neighbors and friends. Cindy is very loving, caring, playful and a great listener. She is also fluent in Arabic. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Cindy A. is most comfortable and experienced in caring for children ages 12 months and up. Between in-home care and the day care experience, Cindy is very knowledgeable regarding routines, such as naps, bottle feedings, diaper changes and more. She has strong patience and love and is happy to help with all infants, ages 12 months and up. 

    Personal Interests:

    When Cindy is not studying she is spending her spare time with her family. She shares a strong bond with her siblings and family and feels her family is everything. She loves playing board games and cards with her family.

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