Dennise RB

    Dennis RB. is originally from Puerto Rico and has been in the states for many years. She is currently studying at River University, where she is studying Ministry. At a very young age, Dennise began caring for children and has strong experience working with ages 6 weeks and up. She also has experience caring for kids with special needs, such as autism and down syndrome . She has worked as a sporadic sitter, overnight babysitter and consistent nanny for many military families and other families through word of mouth. Dennise also worked at a daycare, where she assisted with lesson plans, play time, schedule routine needs, feedings and so much more. Lastly, she has also helped with children in her local church community. Dennise is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish, fluently. Dennise is faithful, loyal and dedicated person and care taker.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Dennise RB. has extensive experience working with ages 6 weeks and up. She gained this experience through nanny care,  sporadic babysitting and daycare work. Dennise has a strong understanding of feeding and sleep schedules, as well as diaper changes. Dennise  is very caring, especially with infants and ensures strong nurture and love. 

    Personal Interests: 

    Dennise R.B. enjoys cooking, traveling, and journaling. Dennise also loves singing and listening to music, with her family. She also enjoys the outdoors and long distance running.


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