Elizabeth S.L.

    Elizabeth S.L. is originally from Orlando and currently attends the University of South Florida, where she is studying biomedical science and public health. She plans to attend medical school and someday work in pediatrics. Elizabeth has strong experience working with children, ages 4 months and up. Growing up, she would always help care for her younger brothers. She also has many years of experience as the go-to neighborhood babysitter, for date nights and sporadic needs. Elizabeth also has experience working as a summer nanny, for over three years. In addition, she has church volunteer experience and tutoring experience. Elizabeth also has experience working with children with special needs, such  learning disabilities and delays,  autism and down syndrome. Lastly, Elizabeth currently works as a medical assistant, in a pediatrics office. She is a very reliable, responsible and caring young woman.


    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Elizabeth S.L. has cared for children, ages 4 months and up. She’s gained this experience through babysitting, caring for family members and also through working in pediatrics. Elizabeth loves caring for infants, as she enjoys helping with developmental milestones. She is very knowledgeable with infancy needs, such as following routines and providing strong nurture and love.

    Personal Interests:

    Elizabeth S.L. loves to exercise, swim rollerblade and play with pets!

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