Nevi B

    Nevi B. proudly holds her bachelor’s degree in public health with a minor in healthcare. She is also seeking a master’s degree in public health. She is also a part time counselor at a local clinic. Her long term career goals are to someday manage a hospital or health department. Nevi has over 10 years of experience working with children, ages 2 weeks and up.  She has worked with many families for all types of needs, including date nights, after school help, driving children and overnights.  She also worked in a daycare center, as well as church settings with large number of kids. Nevi enjoys engaging with children and building strong bonds with them. She goes out of her way to help in any way she can. Nevi is also fluent in both English and Spanish and is willing to teach any family who is interested in learning a new language

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Nevi B. has great experience with newborns and infants.  The youngest age she has cared for is 2 months old. She has lots of experience helping with diaper changes, schedule needs, feedings, rocking, napping and more as well as following parents routines and schedules. She also gained a lot of experience working at a daycare and preschool settings.Nevi adores little ones and is very comforting and nurturing. One of her biggest priorities is making sure child and parents needs are first.

    Personal Interests:

    Nevi B. is someone who loves to work hard to do everything and anything to make sure her family is cared for. She puts her heart and dedication in everything she does with faith by her side. She enjoys cooking, singing, dancing and helping those in her community!

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