Vanessa M

    Vanessa M. is originally from Pennsylvania and relocated to Tampa Bay to attend River University. She is currently interning at her church, within the children’s ministry. There, she works with a variety of age groups, between 3-12. She is responsible for supervising lesson plans, activities, homework, play time, field trips and much more. Every Sunday, Vanessa also volunteers in the children’s church program, where she helps with activities, lessons and providing safety. She has also trained many caretakers on how to provide proper children care to these children, including safety training, lesson plans and more. Prior to relocating to Tampa, Vanessa also used to babysit for a variety of families in her local community. She has worked with all age groups, including infants but is most comfortable with ages 2 and up. Vanessa is very patient and compassionate with children and is very skilled in creating a fun, yet educational environment. She hopes to provide strong comfort, fun and engagement when helping with your children!

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Vanessa has experience working with an infant, who is 4 months of age. In addition, Vanessa will be training in the infancy room, at her church, soon, too. Although she has some experience with infants, she is currently most comfortable working with children, ages 2 and up.

    Personal Interests: 

    Vanessa enjoys reading and writing, cooking, baking, nature walks, painting and family time. She is also eager to learn how to play the Violin!

    Family Reviews:

    “She was wonderful and [my daughter] had so much fun w her! We hope to get her again!”- Theresa L.

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