Sitters are always happy to go above and beyond and help within reasonable measures! Here are reasonable asks and duties to expect from your sitters! If there is something you are not sure about is that is not listed, please contact us and ask. If a sitter is not meeting our standard requirements, shown below, please contact us, immediately, so we can correct this, on our end. 

Our standard duties and requirements for all of our sitters include the following: 

  • Timeliness – Arriving 10 minutes early to the requested time of a sitter request.
  • Tidiness- Tidying toys, tidying the kitchen, loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Making the home a little bit neater then how it was left and after play time, of course
  • Strong Engagement- Active and Engaged with your children
  • Educational Development- Always teaching children, through play and activities
  • Limited Phone Activity – Unless with the parents or SoHo Sitters, an emergency or after the children are asleep and tidying is completed
  • No Television or Electronics- Unless a parent permits this and even still, limiting the time and distracting children with other hands on activities
  • Putting children’s dirty laundry in their hamper if need be
  • Making children’s beds if need be
  •  Cooking quick and easy meals for kids (chicken nuggets, pasta, frozen pizza, heating up already prepared meals, soup, grilled cheese, sandwiches, fish sticks, frozen veggies, mac & cheese, pasta with canned sauce/butter, eggs, cereal, etc)
  • Leaving the SoHo Sitter recap sheet for you and also sending this to SoHo Sitters, as well. Also, providing a verbal summary of the shift to the parents, as well.

If Parents Ask: 

  • Letting the dogs out
  • Helping with homework
  • Assisting with bath time and bedtime routines
  • Taking the children on outings, such as the park, story time, the aquarium, out to dinner, etc.
  • Driving children
  • Heating bottles/ Bottle Formula (with instructions provided)
  • Starting a load of children’s laundry or folding childen’s laundry
  • Preparing a snack
  • Taking a child on a walk
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