What should I expect after I submit my sitter request?

After you submit your sitter request, please check your email, to review that all details in the request form are correct. If they are not, please email us back on the same string, immediately with your corrections.

Once you sitter request is submitted, our team will work to accommodate your needs, on our backend, during standard hours of Monday- Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday’s 9am-12pm.

Our team first checks to see if you have any specific sitters requests. If you do, we will reach out to those sitters first (in order if selected or all together first come, first serve). If the requested sitters are unavailable and you selected that you are open to a new sitter, we will work to see who, on our team, is available. If you have more than one date, we will work to see if we have a sitter to do all the dates, for consistency purposes. If we do not, then we will see if we have any sitters to do any of the dates. If we are still having trouble, we get creative and try splitting the days up between 2 sitters. We always accommodate you with a sitter with extensive experience with the age groups, as well.

Once we have a sitter available to help, our team will then email you back on the sitter request submission form confirming who is able to help.

The assigned sitter(s) will also text you the day they pick up this shift and the day before the shift. They always are to text our families, between the hours of 9am-6pm. If you DO NOT hear from your sitter on the day we confirmed your sitter AND also, he day before a shift, please email us, immediately! We want to ensure we get the sitter in touch with you!

Thank you!

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