Brooke O

    Brooke O. is currently nursing student at the University of South Florida and she has years of experience working with children, ages 3 months and up.  Brooke’s  previously child care experience included, working at Lifetime Fitness in their kid’s academy, nannying over the summers, working in the two-year-old room at a daycare, and occasional babysitting for families. She also has experience with children with special needs, through volunteer work. She is passionate about caring for children and keeping them active. She cares about having fun with the kids while also keeping them safe.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Brooke O. has experience working with infants and newborns through her previous jobs. The youngest age she has experience with is a three-month-old. She also has experience caring for infants as well as young children at the same time. In a former job, she cared for a three-month-old as well as a one-year-old, simulteanously. Additionally, when she worked at the daycare, she also would float and work in the infant rooms, so she learned all about appropriate safety procedures with infants. Brooke is also a nursing student and understands the importance of attentiveness and safeties for infants, too.

    Personal Interests:

    Brooke’s personal hobbies include reading, swimming, playing volleyball, drawing, and many others. She is interested in volunteer work and travel. She is also a member of a sorority at the University of South Florida.

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