Gabrielle C

    Gabrielle C.  has experience working with children ages, from 3 months and up.  She is originally from Kansas City  and currently attends River University.  While in highschool, Gabrielle worked in a daycare, where she was responsible for toddlers and infants. With the toddlers, she would help with snacks, reading, play time, structured play and learning activities. For the infants, she would help with the routines, such as feeding, burping, changing, schedules and sanitizing. In addition, she also worked with children, through a child care agency in Nashville. During her time as a nanny, she was also a lifeguard and took sports medicine training. Therefore, she is not only CPR certified but also AED trained and certified. Gabrielle is very confident in her ability to take care of children and she loves the purity and joy that children spread. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    Gabrielle C. has much experience working with infants as young as 3 months old. Gabrielle worked with infants, within a daycare facility, where she would help with routines, diaper changes, feedings, nap times, tummy time, sensory play and more. She also worked with an infant as a one on one nanny. Gabrielle has learned a lot about how to care for such an early human life ; such as feeding, burping, sleeping, crawling and teething. Gabrielle is also a very nurturing, loving and patient individual. 

    Personal Interests: 

    Gabrielle C. enjoys reading, working out, cooking, and spending time outdoors. She is also a huge animal lover and a very creative person.  She also loves to travel and has been all over the road. 


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