Stephanie G

    Stephanie G. currently attends St. Petersburg college, where is she is studying nursing. She hopes to be a pediatric nurse, someday.  The youngest age she has strong experience working with is ages 3 and up. She started babysitting, in high school, and has helped with after school needs, day time needs, date nights and more. She also was a volunteer at a daycare, where she assisted multiple children in one setting. She would help with lesson plans, activities, assist with routines, tidy up and more. In addition, Stephanie has volunteer experience, working with foster children, through a program called “Ready for Life” . This volunteer program works by matching a volunteer with a foster child and becoming their mentor; tutoring, cooking meals and helping them through basic life skills. .Stephanie is very passionate about children, which is also why she wants to make a career out of helping them. Stephanie is a very dedicated and caring individual, who puts safety and comfort first. 

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Although Stephanie has strong experience working with ages 3 and up. She hopes to gain more experience with younger ages through her nursing programs, in the future.

    Personal Interests:

    Stephanie G. enjoys traveling and snowboarding on her off time. She also enjoys spending time with her  little sister and baby cousins at the park and the beach. In addition, she enjoys volunteering, at her local animal shelter, where she spends time bathing animals, playing with the animals, and taking them for walks. Stephanie also is a part of her local church called “Grace Family Church” and loves to spend her time attending services and special events held by this affiliation. 





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