Jocelyn T

    ​​Jocelyn T. is originally from Lexington, South Carolina and currently attends the University of Tampa. She has many years of child care experience and has worked with ages 5 months and up. Throughout highschool and college, she has worked with many families for sporadic babysitting needs, such as date nights and after school needs. In addition, she also has strong experience working at her church daycare.  There, Jocelyn worked with the kids on learning about church, vocabulary, letters, colors, sharing, reading, etc. Jocelyn worked with multiple age groups throughout her time at Harvest Church. She feels child care is an incredibly rewarding job because she is able to watch and help children grow and blossom. She has a great passion for children because every child is different and she gets to help each child discover his/her own strengths and talents. In addition, she enjoys nurturing those traits through her educational approach. A few strengths to describe Jocelyn are  empathetic, caring, and optimistic.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Jocelyn T. has strong experience working with infants, ages 5 months and up. She gained this experience, working at the church daycare and through babysitting. . She is very familiar with working with multiple infants and children, at once. Jocelyn has experience managing schedules, meals, playing games, changing diapers and ensuring that the infants are happy babies, at all times. Jocelyn is very nurturing, engaging and attentive to children and especially infants, at all times. Jocelyn always remains consistent in her gentle and friendly dispositions with the children, especially infants. 


    Personal Interests: 

     Jocelyn T. enjoys adventurous activities like swimming, kayaking and being outdoors. She loves to travel and explore new places. Jocelyn is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority at the University of Tampa. She is also a marine biology student and has a passion for animals.


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