Taylor F

    Taylor F.  is energetic, professional and extremely organized (both physically and in regards to scheduling/planning) with a high attention to detail. She has a strong passion for caregiving and has strong experience caring for all ages, including newborns, as well as kids with physical special needs. Taylor was born and raised in Florida and she graduated from The University of South Florida, in 2018. Growing up, she loved helping her younger brother. Throughout highschool, she also enjoyed helping family, friends and neighbors with date nights, full day needs and all types of occasional needs.  She quickly became the go-to babysitter of her hometown. During her college years, Taylor was a consistent nanny for a SoHo family, here in Tampa. She has done it all, from date nights, overnight stays and has even traveled with families. Taylor also worked at the YMCA, where she managed multiple children in summer camps and parent nights out. In addition, She also coached gymnastics there.  Taylor always brings her love of athletics to the children she cares for by getting them motivated to be active and play games to minimize screen time. Other activities she encourages are arts & crafts, board/card games, cooking/baking together and simple science experiments. Taylor is a strong role model to children and loves to lead by example, which is especially important during these developmental years. 


    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Taylor F. has extensive experience working with all ages, including newborns. She absolutely adores babies!  Outside of helping with her younger brother and many young cousins, she started working with babies in high school when many of her neighbors started having children. She also worked with one family who had 3 children under the age of 4. This family had twin toddler boys and a sweet infant baby that had special needs that required her to wear a helmet and leg braces. She has assisted with all types of routine needs, including feedings, sleep schedules and more. 


    Personal Interests: 

    Taylor F. enjoys spending time with family and friends and she loves sports. Her whole life she has been involved in many sports and she loves to be outside and be active. She was a competitive figure skating and cheerleading. Taylor loves to stay involved with cheerleading at USF. She helps with the cheerleading camps!


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