Jordyn D

    Jordyn D. is a highly experienced, creative, nurturing, and fun caregiver, with experience caring for all ages, including newborns. Her love for children began as an overnight camp counselor, over 10 years ago. Her high energy and positivity were some of the qualities that made her a fantastic camp counselor, for over 6 years! Throughout college, she was a long-term nanny for two elementary aged children. Her responsibilities included helping with homework, playing games, cooking, and getting the kids ready for bed. For the past 7 years, Jordyn has taught at an elementary school  She is currently working with first through fifth grade students as a physical education teacher. She also began a school club, called “Girls on the Run”. where students from   build confidence and other important life skills, through running and exercise. Jordyn has a strong passion for children and loves seeing them grow and learn.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Jordyn D. has strong experience with all ages, including newborns. She has extensive experience with a variety of ages and is willing to adapt to any schedule. She also is a proud aunt and has can happily assist with feedings, sleep schedules, walks and providing strong comfort and nurture. She is willing to go above and beyond and wants to make a connection between you and your child!

    Personal Interests: 

    Jordyn D. enjoys being outdoors, going to the beach, visiting with friends, and exercising. When she is not on the go, she might be found relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate watching Disney movies!

    Family Reviews:

    “She is great! You could tell she is a teacher :)”– Nichole V

    “Jordyn was great and my girls had a great time with her.” – Barbie

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