Margaux G

    Margaux G. attends the University of South Florida. She is originally from Jacksonville, Florida and has always had a strong love for  kids of all ages! During her high school years, she worked consistently with a toddler and elementary age student. She also has years of experience working for families sporadically.  Margaux is extremely energetic, bubbly and loves to dance and cheer. She hopes she can help with your little ones!

    Newborn & Infancy Experience :

    Margaux has strong experience babysitting for children ages 5 months and older.  She understands and knows the routines and needs of caring for a young infant, from feeding, changing, and providing strong nurture.

    Personal Interests:

    Margaux does cheerleading at the University of South Florida. She enjoys shopping with friends, beach days, and yoga.

    Family Reviews:

    “She is one of our favorites; we love her energy!”- Rebecca K.

    “She is great. She is always very prompt and is very creative with [our daughter].”- David A.

    “Margaux was amazing!! My kiddos had so much fun with her and have already asked me multiple times if she can be our sitter next time. She did lots of activities and games with them and still put them to bed on time. She also took great care of our puppy who I was almost more nervous leaving than my kids!”- Sarah L.

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