Kazandra T

    Kazandra T. is a determined, first-generation college graduate from Western Kentucky University. She proudly graduated with her degree in social work and has worked in helping children in the foster community and other family services.  Currently, Kazandra is continuing her education in bible studies, at River University. There, she proudly  works with children, too. Kazandra has strong experience working with children, ages 10 months and up. She has strengthened her communication, creativity, and motivational skills, through a variety of child care opportunities. During college, she interned at an enrichment center, helping children in foster care and improvised settings. Post college, Kazandra was a case-manager for children with  behavioral, emotional and/or developmental delays, including autism. Kazandra has also worked in a daycare setting and has helped with many sporadic babysitting needs. She understands the importance of cultivating relationships based on compassion, empathy, and trust. Lastly, Kazandra is from a large latino family and speaks both English & Spanish, fluently.  Kazandra is very organized and creative and hopes to provide a safe and fun environment to all children. 


    Newborn & Infancy Experience: 

    In college, Kazandra T.  began her pursuit of child psychology development and social work to empower families to prosper and cultivate strong growth. She has strong experience working with children ages 10 months and up. She’s gained this experience through social work, daycare settings and in home care. She is focused on daily needs from feedings, to diaper changes, and teaching age-appropriate school lessons. Kazandra T. is very understanding, compassionate, and trusting, especially when working with little ones. 


    Personal Interests: 

    Kazandra T. loves painting, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys anything outdoors, traveling and meeting people from all different cultures. 


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