Latrice J

    Latrice J. is a very caring and outgoing person, who has many years of caring children of all ages, including newborns.. During her college years, she sporadically cared for many families, within the Tampa Bay area. She would assist with date nights, weekend needs, driving children and much more.  Latrice is a proud graduate of  the University of South Florida, where she obtained her degree in early childhood education. Currently, Latrice works as a head-start teacher for children, ages 3- 5. . She loves working with children and creating a loving environment. She also enjoys being able to drive children’s creativity and independence.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Latrice has strong experience working with children of all ages, from newborns and up. During college, she worked with a newborn, just a few weeks old, where she would help with the feeding schedule, burping, naps and early learning exposure and comfort. Latrice cared for this little one for about 6 months and proudly helped with milestones, such as crawling, introducing new foods and more.  D She has also work with toddlers engaging them in play and learning.

    Personal Interests: 

    Latrice’s personal hobbies include dancing, cooking and going to the gym.

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