Laura S

    Laura S. truly enjoys being with children and discovering their unique personalities. She has experience working with children, ages 3 months and older. Laura is originally from the Dominican Republic and has resided in Florida since the age of 4. Therefore, she is fluent in both English and Spanish. She has worked as a babysitter for many years and even a consistent nanny. Laura currently attends school and in her meantime, enjoys helping children learn and grow. She enjoys playing outside, arts and crafts, reading and creative play with kids. Laura is very responsible, reliable and caring, especially when it comes to working with children.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Laura S. has extensive experience working as a nanny for a 3 month old, for about a year. She has experience with keeping infants on a sleep and feeding routine, helping with milestones and scenery play and much more. She has also taken care of a variety of other infants, for date nights and here and there needs. Laura respects the needs and wants of parents’ requests with their newborns. She is a very nurturing, reliable and caring taker.

    Personal Interests: 

    Laura S. loves listening to the music of all different genres. She also loves nature and traveling and visiting the Florida springs. Her hobbies also  include roller skating and playing tennis .

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