Allyson T

    Allyson T. has been caring for children for over ten years.  She has expertise caring for children of all ages,  2 months and up.  At a young age, Allyson proactively took a safety babysitting course and began caring for local neighbors and continued to do so all through high-school and when at college.  She was a nanny for 3 summers for 2 families. One of these families had 3 children ages 6, 8, and 10 and Allyson watched them all day everyday for 2 summers. She drove the kids to their various camps and was responsible for making them meals and monitoring their screen time to keep them active. She also assisted with after school needs, for a short time, too. The other family Allyson nannied for consisted of one child with Asperger Syndrome. Allyson was responsible for picking him up from school, daily, and keeping him entertained, safe and comfortable.  Allyson has a huge passion for caring for children and is a naturally empathetic individual. She is also   proud college graduate who recently relocated to the Tampa Bay area, from upstate New York. She currently who owns an online boutique and nannies, part time, as well.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Allyson T. has years of experience working with infants, as young as 2 months of age. She often worked for a 6 month old girl, Sophia, that lived in her local neighborhood. This same family ended up having another child, a baby boy (Sam), that Allyson then cared for, as well, while watching Sophia. She has experience with bottle feedings, sensory play, naps, maintaining schedules, providing strong comfort and so much more.

    Personal Interests:

    Allyson owns her own clothing boutique and spends her free time working on her business. She also values spending time with the people she loves.  Lastly, she loves staying active by going to the gym or exploring new places.

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