McKenzie F

    McKenzie F. is originally from Buffalo, New York and holds her degree in exercise science, from the University of Buffalo. McKenzie has  strong experience working with all types of  children, from ages 2 and up.  She has 3 younger siblings who she has helped care for since she can remember. Outside of her own family, McKenzie began babysitting for local neighbors, during middle school. That family referred her to several different families and by age 13 she was babysitting for a variety of families, within her local community. Throughout college, McKenzie continued to babysit and nanny for children of all ages. Currently, in Tampa, McKenzie nannies for a family with a  3 and 5 year old, part time. McKenzie is very experienced and happy to help with all needs, from driving to and from activities, homework help, date nights and more!

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Being the eldest of 3, she has always helped her siblings, from newborn age. However, outside of her family, she is most comfortable and experienced with ages 2 and up. She used to nanny for a toddler and has helped with routines and toddler necessities.

    Personal Interests:

    Mckenzie F. has a strong passion for animals. She also loves to workout and is working on her personal trainer license. She also loves to read, paint, and enjoy nature.

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