Jacey N

    Jacey N. was born and raised in Tampa and holds a psychology  degree from the University of South Florida. Currently, she attends Stetson Law and hopes to someday be a lawyer. Jacey has years of child care experience, working with ages 7 months and up. Jacey adores children and goes the extra mile to ensure safety, engagement and happiness. With 5 nieces and nephews, she has had a lots of exposure to working with little ones and they consider her the “fun aunt”! Outside of her family and while in high school, Jacey began caring for a 7 month old baby, who she still cares for sporadically to this day. She also continued to care for several families throughout her high school and college careers, helping with date nights, after school care, overnight needs, homework help and more.  Jacey also volunteer at her church and worked with children of all ages, there. Through her church, she also volunteered as a camp counselor and worked with elementary age children. Jacey is very experienced and feels child care comes as a second nature to her. Currently in law school, she understands how important safety and confidentiality is for families, as well.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Jacey N. has much experience caring for children just a few months old, within her own family. Outside of her own family, the youngest age she has experience working with and is most comfortable working with is 7 months. She is well-versed in safety precautions including how to hold, change, feed, burp, bathe and more.  She is very attentive and loves to provide strong nurture and love to all children, especially infants.

    Personal Interests:

    Jacey  N. is a creative person and loves anything art related! She enjoys painting, scrapbooking, and creating collages and mood-boards. She can also be athletic and will teach your son or daughter how to hit a home-run! She also enjoys cooking, baking, reading, and being outside (as long as there is a body of water nearby!). As a law student, Jacey loves to stay up to date on current events and can be found doing homework or watching Criminal Minds in her down time.

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