Yavaughn F

    Yavaughn F. is a student of the USF College of Nursing, where she hopes to become a NICU nurse, someday. Yavaughn is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Florida for the amazing weather and academics that the USF College of Nursing has to offer. At home, she babysat for a variety of families, for many years and also worked in a church daycare. She has worked with children of all ages, including newborns.  Yavaughn loves working with kids because she feels like they teach her as much as she teaches them.  Due to her studies and experience, she also knows a lot about safety hazards and precautions that stem from nursing school. Yavaughn is very very caring, dependable and loving and hopes to build a strong connection with you and your family!

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Yavaughn has a few years of experience working with newborns and infants. She is completely comfortable handling all the responsibilities regarding their care which includes but is not limited to; changing diapers, bottle feeding, and entertainment. See enjoys her time with newborns and infants as she finds them joyful but also has much patience when it comes to watching them.

    Personal Interests: 

    Yavaughn is involved in her sorority Tri Delta, student government, and the on campus nursing club outside of classes. She also enjoys shopping and exercise. Yavaughn is a big outdoors person as she loves hiking, long walks, and camping. 

    Family Reviews:

    Yavaughn was awesome. She immediately engaged with my boys, playing football with my son within the first 10 minutes of arriving and never stopped playing with them. She kept the boys off their electronics and engaged in actually playing with their toys! She cleaned up after dinner and anything else she could do to help. She was a pleasure and the boys loved her!” Michelle F.

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