Savannah C

    Savannah C. is a fun-loving, sweet, and patient individual who loves kids! As a big sister to five, Savannah has always had little ones around her to care for and love on. Savannah has been a child care taker since the age of 15 and she is very passionate for helping and caring for the our future generations.  She has worked as a babysitter, youth leader, after school care taker and child care volunteer, within her church.   Savannah has worked with children extensively for the past several years, especially with ages 12 months and up. Savannah is currently studying ministry in bible school, at River University.

    Newborn & Infancy Experience:

    Savannah C.’s has worked with her younger siblings, helping with diaper changes, feedings, naps and more. As a volunteer, she would always be accompanied by a more experienced care taker, who taught her how to properly care for an infant. However, Savannah is most experienced and independently comfortable with children ages 12 months and older.

    Personal Interests:

    Savannah C. loves to be outdoors. Her hobbies include photography, hiking, cooking, gardening/landscaping, any farm related chore, (Savannah is a country girl at heart!). She also is very efficient when it comes to cleaning, organizing and cooking!

    Family Reviews: 

    “She was absolutely fantastic!”-Christine B.

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